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We are pleased to announce that EndoFund S.A. was nominated for the Polish Innovation Award for 2022. The Polish Innovation Award is an economic program run by the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship, the Editorial Board of the Entrepreneurship Forum. It is awarded to the most innovative and creative companies, universities, institutes and institutions operating in our country.

In the photo, CEO Piotr Cioch receives an award for the best business model in the 1st edition of The Forge of Ideas. #zdrowyfaktoring ( #healthfactoring) was recognized as the best among over 30 submitted ideas.

EndoFund S.A.

The Laureate of  
"The Forge of Ideas"
The Program for Innovative Ideas

The program is supported by "Promuje Łódzkie" - the official information channel of the Łódź Voivodeship run by the Marshal's Office of the Łódź Voivodeship and supported by the budget of the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.

The Jury included mentors of this program:

Michał Kulka,

Kamil Kozieł,

Witek Buraczyński,

Łukasz Kuciński,

Patrycja Kaźmierczak, Paulina Zbroch-Hyży i Tomasz Wojdal from KRS Kancelaria.

These are experts who have been advising entrepreneurs on the implementation of innovation, effective sales, legal and organizational issues for years. Winning the competition gives us the opportunity to benefit from the support of these experienced people at the project development stage.

We are pleased to announce that EndoLink - the main shareholder of EndoFund S.A. obtained the title  


in the program run by the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship and the editorial offices of the Entrepreneurship Forum in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and Biznes Puls in Gazeta Wyborcza.

 The award was presented during the 8th Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship. It is the largest, mobile business event -
economic in Poland.

 The eighth edition of the event will be held on November 23-25 ​​in Krakow at the ICE Congress Center.

The Endofund team will collect the award on behalf of Endolink, the main shareholder of EndoFund S.A.

 The award is a recognition of Endolink for implementing creative solutions for the specialized industry, which is endovascular medicine, and creating innovative personal protective products targeted at individual clients under the Phoenix Silver Protection brand.

Each year, an average of 180 patients may enjoy the possibility of returning to normal functioning. This is due to the involvement of Endolink employees in the implementation of innovative equipment supporting the treatment of cardiovascular lesions.

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